Covid 19

LVH Special Conditions of Hire


Effective for all hirers from September 1st, 2020.

 Download our revised Covid 19 booking form



These conditions are supplemental to, not a replacement for the Hall's standard terms & conditions of hire. (Adapted from the ACRE Model Hiring Agreement).

Hirers will be required to accept these Special Conditions in writing by use of the Hiring Acceptance form, prior to any use of the Hall.

The Hall’s Covid-19 Risk Assessment is issued to all hirers, who are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the document.

A Covid-19 Secure poster is attached to the Hall door. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure they are familiar with and ensure group compliance with the contents of the poster. 

Any incident e.g. if someone become unwell with suspected Covid 19, must be reported immediately to the Chairman (Jim Horton - 01572 898368) and/or the duty trustee. (Please note that the Duty Trustee Rota will be displayed in the foyer).



The hirer is responsible for collecting and maintaining all contact details (name, address, phone, email) of their group attendees in order to fulfil NHS Test & Trace requirements. This data must be held securely for 21 days.

The hirer must ensure all group attendees, or members of their household have not had any Covid-19 symptoms for at least the previous seven days. If any group member develops symptoms within a further 7 days, they must use the NHS Test & Trace process to notify other group members and organiser. The organiser must notify the Village Hall Chair.

If an attendee is unwell with suspected Covid 19, the unwell person should return home immediately and the session terminated. If incapacitated they should be isolated at the back of the main hall while other group attendees leave the building by the main door. Group organiser to arrange transport to home or care. The hirer must notify the chair immediately. Any waste should be bagged, time and dated and placed by the bins.

Unless specifically agreed at the time of booking, the kitchen will be unavailable and locked. If use is agreed, the hirer needs to ensure it is used by one person at a time and is fully cleaned and sanitised after use. 

One unisex toilet will be available. A ‘vacant/engaged’ sign on the corridor door should be used to control traffic.

It is possible for the Hall to be closed, either for deep cleaning or longer term, at very short notice, if someone develops Covid-19 symptoms or government instruction etc. If your booking is impacted by this, we will inform you as soon as possible and of course, refund any relevant charges.



It is the hirers responsibility to ensure Social Distancing requirements as laid down by the government from time to time are followed rigorously. The Hall measures 12.5m x 5.3m and therefore the hirer will need to calculate both maximum individual/household capacity.

Social distancing must also be maintained in secondary areas of the Hall – e.g. waiting to enter, the corridor, toilets etc. Special extra vigilance and care should be afforded to older or more vulnerable attendees.

Layout of furniture or equipment must be considered carefully to ensure social distancing is both maintained and adheres to the latest government guidelines.  For example, take care when laying out chairs or tables to minimise face to face layout where possible. 

For ‘audience’ events (e.g. film night, lectures etc) a steward must be provided to facilitate sensible seating practice, so that passing others is minimised.



During use, the hirer must ensure the Hall is ventilated as much as possible by opening doors and windows. The hirer must also ensure all windows and external doors are closed securely at the end of the hire.

No user equipment is to be stored on site. Any village hall tables or chairs that are used must be replaced, after sanitising, to the foyer where stored.

Food and drink (if required) may only be brought in personally by attendees and not prepared on site communally. 



Where a group provides specific equipment (e.g. mats, exercise items etc), it is the hirers responsibility to ensure any such items are sanitised before and after use.

Face coverings should be worn by all users of the Hall as per government guidelines. Hand sanitiser is provided by the Hall at the entrance. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure it is used as required by all attendees - on entry and exit and after using tissues.

Any rubbish, including in the toilet, tissues or any other waste, must be removed from the hall by the hirer after each hire and placed in the black bin. If any refreshments are consumed the area must be cleaned and all rubbish removed. 

The Hall is cleaned weekly including cleaning/sanitising of floors, radiators, window ledges, window pole, door handles (inc. fire escape door bar), electrical light switches, dehumidifiers, toilets, sinks, taps, toilet roll holder, bins and sanitising station.

Hirers should discourage any unnecessary touching of the hall (e.g. walls, curtains). They must ‘pre-sanitise’ any areas the group may touch, as well as ‘post-sanitise’ any area that has been touched.

When sanitising electrical switches, please ensure they are wiped, not sprayed. The toilet has automatic lighting and the switch should not be touched.